Wargaming Lets Fly Their Unified Premium Account System

By Josh Wirtanen
Wargaming Launches Unified Accounts

Wargaming, the studio behind the massively successful tank-battling MMO World of Tanks and the hot-off-the-press World of Warplanes, had promised a while back that they would be linking Premium accounts between their games. This would allow players to bring all the Premium benefits, including in-game currency, from one title over to the other.

Well, it's been a bit of a wait, but the Wargaming Unified Premium Account feature has finally gone live. This allows players to carry over all benefits of Premium membership across World of Tanks and World of Warplanes. When World of Warships goes live, that title will fall under the Unified Premium Account umbrella as well.

Andrei Yarantsau, VP of Global Operations at Wargaming, explained his excitement about the move: “From the start we’ve been dedicated to offering our players not only AAA gaming experiences, but also unparalleled value and convenience. The launch of the Unified Premium Account is our commitment to those ideals, and we’re confident that players will find it a major element of their Wargaming experiences now and into the future.”

World of Tanks and World of Warplanes are both free to play, but the Unified Premium Account service is for paying members.

Wargaming Unifies Premium Accounts Across Their Titles


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