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Sabaton joins World of Tanks
The World of Tanks mmo fps has forged a number of relationships over the years. One of the more notable collaborations has been with The Tank Museum in the UK to help keep the history of armored warfare alive. Yet the most intriguing pairing is the World of Tanks Sabaton collaboration that has yielded a new music video and an interesting in-game appearance from the heavy metal band.The World of Tanks Sabaton collaboration can be seen in the n...
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Aug 16 2017
World of Tanks criticism by SirFoch
There are times when you just have to really love the world of online gaming. You would think that the virtual battles taking place in mmo games would be intense, but there are times when they pale to the fights being waged on the web between gamers and developers. A perfect case in point is the recent brouhaha over SirFoch, a World of Tanks community contributor, who brutally savaged the game's latest premium tank, the Chrysler K GF, in a YouTub...
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Jun 15 2017
2017 World of Tanks Grand Finals taking place in Russia
Competitive gamers looking to showcase their World of Tanks supremacy might want to brush up on their Russian vocabulary. Wargaming has announced that the upcoming World of Tanks Grand Finals will be taking place in Russia in just a few short months. The top twelve teams for the mmo fps will gather in Moscow in May to battle for a prize pool totaling $300,000.The group stages for the World of Tanks Grand Finals 2017 will be streamed on May 23...
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Mar 28 2017
World of Tanks War Child charity drive
While not often heralded, gamers are a generous crowd that often donates to various charities. Last year, Wargaming decided to partner with the War Child charity to raise funds that will help children who have been affected by war. A World of Tanks War Child charity drive was begun, in which players of the popular mmofps could buy special emblems and packages. A full 100% of Wargaming's share was given to War Child, and they are now proud to repo...
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Mar 27 2017
World of Tanks T25 Pilot tank promotion
There are few things better in gaming than rumbling across the battlefield in your powerful tank and blowing your opponents into smithereens. Now World of Tanks is giving players another reason to log into the mmofps and dive into some battles. Players can earn themselves a free World of Tanks T25 Pilot tank just for doing daily missions in a new promotional event that begins today.The World of Tanks T25 Pilot is a Tier VIII medium tank, and ...
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Mar 13 2017
How should gamers react to World of Tanks player dying while streaming?
A few days ago, we reported the sad news that a prominent World of Tanks player died while streaming a marathon session of the mmo fps for charity. Brian Vigneault, who was known as Poshybrid, was undertaking a 24 hour marathon steam on Twitch. He walked away from the stream after 22 hours in order to smoke a cigarette and unexpectedly died. The news that Poshybrid died was not known until the following morning when a friend saw that he was logge...
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Feb 28 2017
World of Tanks player dies during livestream
Streaming the play of online games has exploded in popularity over the last few years, with many streamers having marathon bouts of playing their favorite games, whether they're an mmofps or online rpg. While the biggest challenge for most livestreamers is staying awake, there can be serious health consequences for such marathon sessions. News that a World of Tanks player died during a livestream on Twitch has shaken many of his friends and follo...
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Feb 22 2017
World of Tanks Super Bowl commercials
Last night saw an historic Super Bowl played between the Atlanta Falcons and New England Patriots, which ended in either despair or elation depending upon the team you were rooting for. One of the highlights for most viewers is to watch the commercials that are shown and cost an estimated $5 million to air for a 30 second spot. In the past, companies trotted out some very innovative and funny commercials, but the crop of commercials over the last...
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Feb 06 2017
World of Tanks comic book
Online games use a variety of mediums to expose their product to as many people as possible. Gamers can learn about a game from books, audio dramas, figurines, posters, and story-based trailers. However, the World of Tanks mmofps goes a little bit farther than most online games. has upped the ante by sponsoring such events as Tankfest in the UK, and they're now expanding into a realm owned by costumed superheroes: comic books. Yep, ...
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Aug 26 2016
Wargaming sponsors Tank 100 event
Warfare continually evolves over time due to innovations in technology. One of the more profound milestones in modern warfare was the introduction of the tank, which occurred one hundred years ago during the Battle of Somme during World War I. Wargaming, the developer of the World of Tanks mmofps, has long supported events and institutions that preserve and honor the armored warfare legacy. In regards to the one hundred anniversary of the introdu...
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Aug 09 2016