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  • WolfTeam: weapons

    WolfTeam: weapons
    When you join or respawn in a match, pick from one of 4 weapon sets....
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    Woozworld: ratio
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    Woozworld: game store
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    Woozworld: store

    Woozworld: store
    You can earn gold in games or purchase it through microtransactions to buy new weapons....
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WolfTeam Gameplay

WolfTeam Gameplay

WolfTeam is a Sci-Fi based free MMOFPS featuring a unique mechanic that allows players to play as both Humans and Werewolves. WolfTeam is published on the Aeria Games portal, and as with most Aeria Games titles, it's free to play with the option of buying premium features and items.

The most appealing aspect to WolfTeam is the ability to transform. There's no special item or perk required, players are able to use the transformation system as soon as they get into the game. Humans are typical FPS characters having access to a large array of weaponry including grenades, shotguns and assault rifles, and they can also perform basic acrobatic feats such as running and jumping. Transforming into a wolf adds a whole new element to the game-play. Wolves don't get weapons but they're able to cause devastating damage with their melee attacks, they're also much faster and more agile than humans as they are given the ability to run up walls. Certain game modes also gives players the option of choosing a special mutation which adds an effect to the wolf form, such as the Ghost Wolf which adds an invisibility skill. This unique mechanic gives players the opportunity of approaching each combat situation in a unique way, making WolfTeam one of the most tactical based MMOFPS games on the market.

As well as the unique transformation mechanic WolfTeam is also home to an exciting array of other interesting features. There are 7 different game modes available, featuring traditional FPS modes such as Deathmatch, but also more unique modes such as Destruction and Conquest. Destruction is a team-based game where each team attempts to destroy their opponents base, while Conquest is more fast-paced placing bases around a map for each team to conquer. All of these modes and features are available to play on up to 15 different maps, creating a new MMOFPS experience each time you play.

There are dozens of popular MMOFPS titles on the market today, including big titles such as Blacklight Retribution and the newly released Repulse, but WolfTeam's unique transformation mechanic, combined with a huge array of modes, maps and weapons, makes it one of the most exciting FPS MMO's available online.

By Rachel Rosen

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