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    WarRock: servers
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    WarRock: join game
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    WarRock: go brown team!

    WarRock: go brown team!
    The teams are color coded. We all have desert cammo while they are wearing green. Go brown, boo green!...
    WarRock: go brown team!

    WarRock: score

    WarRock: score
    After playing for a while, a screen will pop up showing how each team is doing. Looks like we are losing 0-7. Hmmph!...
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WarRock Gameplay

WarRock Gameplay

WarRock is a free mmofps published by gaming portal, GamersFirst. The game is set during a fictional conflict between the Republic troops of Derbaran and the NUI forces. WarRock features a large selection of 21st century military technology and players can take the war to all fronts, from infantry to aircraft.

You're able to select from a variety of classes such as Engineer, Medic, Sniper, Assault and Heavy Trooper. Each class is able to be equipped with a large variety of class-specific equipment and weapons. Each class also fills a certain role, with Sniper's acting as a long-range support unit, while Medic's get down and dirty trying to keep their team mates alive. A solid team will require skilled players of all classes in order to be victorious, players are not permanently restricted to the first class they choose, they can switch freely between any of the available classes after death.

The most attractive feature to WarRock is the vehicular combat. Similar to the Battlefield franchise, WarRock allows players to attack from every war front possible. There's a huge selection of vehicles ranging from dirt bikes and jeeps, to Apache helicopters and F-15 planes. Each vehicle has it's own control mechanism, meaning it takes a lot of practice to master control of each type of vehicle. Players that are skilled enough to master aircraft will be a huge asset to their team as they can perform airstrikes on enemy stronghold locations or vehicles. However, every ying has its yang, and players that are able to master the AA guns will be able to protect their team from an onslaught out of the skies.

WarRock also has a huge selection of weapons and equipment. There are dozens of guns to choose from, ranging from a Desert Eagle pistol to a 50. Caliber Sniper Rifle. Although each weapon is restricted to a certain class, there's still a large amount of available weapons for each individual class, allowing you to create the best possible solder for your play style. Other items available include boosts and buffs, allowing players to change their cross-hair for extra accuracy or pack an extra med-pack to keep them alive.

By Rachel Rosen

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