Is Warframe coming to Xbox One?

By Tam Mageean
warframe xbox one

Microsoft have shown some hesitance towards launching free to play mmo games on the Xbox One, whereas Sony and the PlayStation 4, for launch, leaped in head-first with awesome titles like Warframe, Blacklight: Retribution and DC Universe Online. This earned the console the reputation as the console of choice for fans of the free to play format, however, it appears that Microsoft are starting to play catch-up.

XBLA Watchdog, @lifelower, noticed today that free to play title, Warframe has earned itself a PEGI rating for the Xbox One. PEGI are the European Commission for videogames ratings, and responsible for deciding the suitability of games in the UK and Europe, much like the ESRB in the United States.

Warframe is a free to play mmofps that has received a whirlwind of success on the PC and PS4 and touted as one of the top free titles of 2013. Console-wise, it was widely considers to be remaining as exclusive to the PS4, although Digital Extremes had shown interest in launching on Xbox One, stating that the infrastructure simply wasn't there for a Xbox release at launch. This was possibly with reference ti their stringent DRM and free to play policies.

The Warframe Xbox One Edition also has a release date stated as today; December 31st, although this is more likely a placeholder date, until a solid launch date has been established.


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