Warframe Update 11.0 highlights video shows what's coming

By Michael Jamias
warframe update 11 highlights video

From new warframes and bosses to spanking fresh game systems, Warframe Update 11.0 is shaping up to be a heavyweight.

This Warframe Update 11.0 highlights video takes five minutes to run down the crazy cool things players can do when the upcoming major content patch goes live.

First there's the Codex system that will open up a wealth of information about the mmorpg world, giving players a much deeper immersion and valuable know-how on enemies, weapons and warframes. It's also interactive in the sense that players will need to actively use the system to obtain information instead of being force-fed random data, making the discovery experience rewarding.

Developers also focused on rolling out new visual improvements such as user interface upgrades and the full screen map mode for those who find such a set-up more useful and intuitive during their fps mmo adventures.

Players are encouraged to take the new Warframes out such as the irrepressibly destructive Berserker Warframe with a rage-fueled ultimate. What better way to test them out than to pit them against the two new bosses, Alad V and Sargas Ruk. More than simple hack-and-bash challenges, these bosses will be part of grander mmo mission campaigs.


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