See what's coming in Warframe Update 10: Shadows of the Dead

By Michael Jamias
warframe update 10 shadows dead

This Friday marks the arrival of the darkly destructive Nekros and the elite Mag Prime, plus new weapons and game modes.

Fans can look forward to manipulating their enemies to submission with the Nekros, the first Necromancer to join the MMOFPS game. There's also the Mag Prime, another solid addition that can go toe to toe with the two existing elite Tenno, Excalibur Prime and Frost Prime.

Watch both new warframes wreck their targets in this Warframe Update 10 highlights trailer:

In the video, Warframe creative director Steve Sinclair and design director Scott McGregor run through the fresh content filtering through to the live servers in what is being said to be one of the biggest patches to hit the six-month-old MMO shooter.

Part of what makes developers so excited about Warframe Update 10: Shadows of the Dead, due out this September 20, is the activation of a crowd-pleasing new game mode. Survival Weekend, which started as a standalone event, has become a full-fledged game mode. Fans loved the concept and mechanics of Survival, and developers pounced on the hype.

Talking about crowd pleasers, fans will surely fall over themselves trying to secure the cool-looking new weapons like Ether Scythe, Tenno Assault Rifle, Boar Prime and Dakka Prime, as well as a trio of craftable infested weapons.

The dueling system also gets expanded to include 1v1 and 2v2 matches, which should help Warframe players hone their individual and tag-team PvP skills.


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