Warframe unleashes its 13th update

By Tam Mageean
warframe update

Unlucky for some; Warframe's 13th update is here, and it's locked and loaded with some awesome new features, including a brand new class.

The new class, the Hydroid wades its way into the mmofps, armed with some awesome aquatic abilities. The elemental new Warframe class can summon and control water and use it to push hordes back, trap and drown unsuspecting foes, and can even morph the water into a Kraken-like creature that can punish your enemies from 1000 leagues below.

Warframe Hydroid

In addition to the new class added, new weapons, weapon skins and enemies have been added to the mmo, plus much, much more.

One of the biggest new gameplay features is the addition of Melee 2.0; a brand new melee system that will see you melee weapons reach a whole new degree of power. With Melee 2.0, players will now be able to add combo chaining, equip state and stance mods to their melee repertoire, granting a fresh new take on your melee combat.

"We've taken each and every weapon that has three or four attacks, and they now have a dozen things that they can do."

Interestingly, the Melee feature has taken a serious portion of the stage in this update, putting a little extra ninja into the mix. If you really want to test your swordsman ship, you can now go it alone, with nothing but your melee weapon and see how long you can last in the shadows.

For a detailed list of the key new features in the Warframe Update, check out the official update info here.


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