Warframe now playable on newly launched PS4

By Michael Jamias
warframe ps4 version launched

The next-gen console PlayStation 4 has just launched, and mmofps fans can use their shiny new system to play Warframe.

Players can download the Warframe PS4 version via the PlayStation® Store as a free to play mmo, with all the features and options unlocked, including co-op raids and weapon and character customization.

Warframe does not require a PlayStation Plus membership. The game can also be downloaded for free through the SEN web store.

PS4 owners can also expect to see frequent free content and feature updates that will improve the futuristic sci-fi shooter.

“Warframe offers an incredibly rich gaming experience for the low, low price of Free,” said Steve Sinclair, creative director at Digital Extremes, the indie developer behind Warframe.

Warframe developers previously revealed that the PS4 version will offer enhanced social features, with developers taking full advantage of the social connectivity and community building system built into the PS4.

Fans can also look forward to taking full advantage of 2nd screen functionality will come in the form of an Android and iOS App calledWarframe Nexus; this companion app will allow players to perform in-game tasks and access pertinent real-time game info even while away from their console. These include receiving alerts to critical missions, crafting and building inventory, and being able to schedule gaming sessions with friends, among other functionalities.

The new enhanced Dual Shock 4 controller also gives fans of the series superior controls. This is pn top of the integrated audio and superior streaming capabilities.



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