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By Tam Mageean
warframe ps4

"Where's Warframe?" This was possibly the most popular question on the floor at Eurogamer 2013. True to its Ninja heritage, Warframe was nowhere...but everywhere. People were walking up and down wearing kamikaze "Ninjas play free" bandanas, people were asking about it, people were talking about it, but the answer to "Where's Warframe?" was hard to come by. After 90 minutes in the PS4 line, followed by a 60 minute PS4 18+ line, in a cage, tucked around a corner, was a 30 minute line to demo the ninja-themed free to play MMOFPS, Warframe.

Warframe has been available on PC for some time now, with its open beta beginning in March, but it has now turned to storm the battlefields of new-gen-console. The Sony rep at the booth was apologetic at first, stating the graphics weren't at par and were lacking if you were up to date on the PC version, but frankly; it was the most beautifully drawn game I had seen at the expo! The only thing really lacking, when comparing to the PC version were some minor fragmentation effects, that emanate from some of the moves and specials. The game was vibrant, glossy and mesmerizing, with a light-show of specials, powerful, dynamic attacks and a sweeping, horde-filled landscape, the screen simply didn't have any room left for the lost effects.

Warframe effects

The game booted up and myself, and two comrades, waded into the MMO's PvE arena searching for first blood. The intuitive controls made Warframe feel like it had been made for console, with each direction on the PS4's touch-plate representing a different special, such as dash attacks or environmental buffs. The PvE was fluid, and as wave after wave poured in, we had just enough time to regroup and plan our next mode of defense.

The difficulty seemed slightly dialed back; possibly due to the move to a controller, or simply for expo playability, but the PS4's super-sensitive controller needed no such help, and the first few waves were demolished swiftly and spectacularly in a hail of bullets and photon sabres. The teamwork element then took over and we began to help each other out, using our buffs and managing our ranges; my Excalibur warframe using dash attacks to clear corridors while the Mag kited in strays and the Rhino punished infiltrators. It's this team element that makes this game so empowering on the console, where lone-wolfs are aplenty. This format can bring out the team player in anyone.

Warframe weapons

I, for one, will be looking forward to this console MMO at launch.


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