Warframe hits 3 million users as of Update 9

By Michael Jamias
warframe 3 million users update 9

As it swings into Update 9, Warframe revealed that a total of 3 million users have jumped into its futuristic mmo world.

The transition from Update 8 to Update 9 alone saw the MMOFPS score an additional 1 million users, according to Warframe developer Digital Extremes.

The game maker is hoping to keep the sign-up momentum rolling with the content-packed Warframe Update 9, which introduces the new Nova Warframe, a map expansion, new prime weapons and the revamp of the Captain Vor boss battle.

The Nova Warframe is set to change the battle landscape with its cool set of new powers that is "as unpredictable as antimatter itself."

The Orokin Void and Grineer Galleon get new mission styles as part of the map expansion for Update 9. Void fans can play Defense and Capture, while Grineer Galleon veterans will have to learn how the complete Mobile Defense, Spy, Deception and Capture missions.

Five powerful prime weapons have also been crafted and delivered to the game, the blueprints of which should trigger a manhunt across the Warframe universe.

Meanwhile, the Captain Vor boss battle is now a harder challenge from what it was before, as the encounter has been stacked with new techniques. The rewards though have also been upped with an "amazing" new pistol blueprint that is the first of its kind in the MMO.


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