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Warframe Chains of Harrow update launches
It's always a good thing when an update for an online game also includes enhancements to older features. The Warframe Chains of Harrow update that launches today not only introduces the new dark priest-themed Harrow warframe to the mmo fps, but it also comes with new visuals for Earth. Now players can marvel at the improved graphics as they blow their enemies away.The Warframe Chains of Harrow update features a new quest for those who have co...
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Jun 28 2017
warframe specters rail release kavat
Who let the cats out? Warframe receives a feline infusion with the release of the Specters of the Rail update, unleashing new Kavat companions. The ferocious space kittens come with their own cosmetic armor and mods, and provide a more defensive support style.There will be two unique Warframe kavat companion breeds available with unique perks: First are the Adarza Kavats which are sly and lethal, imbuing its owner with short bursts of increa...
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Jul 09 2016
warframe lunaro mode trailer e3
"Space ninja quidditch, what a time to be alive," was one of the top-rated comments on YouTube when Warframe developers unloaded the new trailer for its upcoming Lunaro game mode. It's quite apt comparison, to be frank, if you're familiar with the fictional sport popularized in the Harry Potter series. See for yourself:The Warframe Lunaro game mode launches this week on PC as a free update, with PlayStation 4 and Xbox One versions receiving ...
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Jun 15 2016
warframe pax east vauban prime lunaro
Some mmo games panels can be filled with interesting but relatively insignificant chatter, but not Warframe's at the recent PAX East event, where developers went all out on the big reveals. The Warframe PAX East Panel highlights video below shows all the major announcements during the event presentation:For example, the first concept art for an upcoming new fairy-themed Warframe was shown. She not only commands butterflies to do her destruct...
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Apr 25 2016
warframe tennocon 2016 tickets
The largest gathering of Warframe fans will go down on July 9 at the annual TennoCon, tickets for which are now available to purchase. Three tiers of Warframe TennoCon 2016 tickets provides MMORPG goodies and access to the event to be held at the London Convention Center at London, Ontario, the hometown of Warframe developer Digital Extremes.The Full Day ticket costs $25 Canadian dollars and grants all-day access to the event as well as excl...
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Apr 18 2016
warframe 3rd anniversary giveaways
Warframe whips out the premium-grade weapons and offers them as presents to players as part of its anniversary celebration. The Warframe 3rd anniversary giveaways, which includes powerful weapons and were previously bestowed already to PC fans, will be handed out to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One fans. The weapons serve as "a thank you for their loyalty in protecting the Solar System," says MMO studio Digital Extremes.All players that log in to ...
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Apr 08 2016
warframe sands of inaros launch
Warframe players get an undying mummy for an ally in the Sands of Inaros update which unwraps today on the PC. The Warframe Sands of Inaros update introduces an all-new quest of the same name, which when completed, unlocks the mummy-themed Warframe called Inaros. Get a closer look at this powerful new warrior that uses life drain and sandstorms to subdue foes in this Warframe Sands of Inaros trailer:Inaros offers unmatched survivability in ...
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Mar 05 2016
warframe ring of fire nezha
A fiery update erupts in Warframe on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, blazing a trail for the new Nezha warframe. The Warframe Ring of Fire update arrives on the consoles, opening up destructive new options for players, including the fire-based Nezha warframe and other weapons. The Warframe Nezha trailer shows how this latest addition will burn, stun and impale enemies that stand in its path."This is Nezha, the protector, the quick. A deceivingl...
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Jan 29 2016
warframe destreza
En guarde! We're used to seeing katana, machine guns and, more recently, tridents whipping up a fuss in Warframe. In short, the weapons in Warframe are often pretty menacing and that's part of the threat when you're going toe to toe with your opponents. However, things are about to get much classier in the mmofps with the new Destreza, rapier type weapon. You can expect badly pronounced french words and Princess Bride quotes in the duelling ro...
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Jan 14 2016
warframe trident
"Space fork! SPACE FORK!" One of the most important parts of playing well in an mmofps is learning how to play the mind games and when you're wading into close quarters with a Giant, Grineer Trident, you know you've already got the psychological upper hand. Furthermore, once you've batted somebody into the ground with the affectionately named, "Space fork" they're going to be way to angry to mount a counter attack any time soon. Warframe's Sydo...
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Jan 06 2016