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  • Warframe: warframes

    Warframe: warframes
    Choose from one of 3 basic warframes when you start the game. You may eventually unlock new frames....
    Warframe: warframes

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    Warframe: systems
    Missions are a series of quest in star systems. In the Mercury system, we have to deal with human marines....
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    Warframe: store
    Warframe has an in game store that can use either in game currency or mictransactions. The best items in the game come from crafti...
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    Warframe: combat

    Warframe: combat
    Warframe is a 3rd person shooter. You have 3 weapons: a pistol, a longer ranged rifle, and a melee weapon. The exact weapon types ...
    Warframe: combat

Warframe Gameplay

Warframe Gameplay

Warframe is a free MMO FPS developed and published by Digital Extremes. The sci fi story behind Warframe transports players into a futuristic world. Three factions are at war. Tenno members are cryogenically preserved warriors. They once fought in a great war. After the war ended, Tenno were left to perish but their purpose was not met yet. Now they are needed more than ever because they are the only ones that can stop the Grineer (another Warframe faction). Grineer are a humanoid race that wants to extinguish Tenno survivors. The third Warframe faction is Corpus. Tenno is the playable Warframe faction.

The first Warframe NPC that players encounter is Lotus. She acts both as guide and trainer. Grineer sent their agents to kill any Tenno member so you must prepare to face them. Warframes are actually powerful armors that can help you. With the help of Lotus, players will learn how to master these Warframes. Tenno members also have Corpus faction to watch out for. Corpus is looking for Orokin secrets that can help them build powerful war machines. They are determined to fight Tenno and Grineer if their interests come between. For now, 4 Warframes have been revealed. Excalibur is a Warframe best suited for starting players. This Warframe is a sort of jack of all trades armor. Players can use it to get familiarized with Warframe features. Mag is a Warframe armor that will best fit those who like to take on a dps role. The many ways of magnetic energy control provided by Mag allow players to perform all sorts of offensive abilities. Mag also has crowd control capabilities. Rhino is the tank built Warframe. Rhino’s characteristics are heavy defense and offense. This Warframe is able to deal good damage while resisting incoming attacks. Those who already know their way around Warframe MMOFPS should try Loki. This suit offers a versatile play style and camouflage abilities. Players that learn to master Loki Warframe will disorient their enemies.

Automatic Mission Generator is a Warframe feature specially designed to keep content fresh and engaging. Using this feature Warframe randomly generates objectives. Warframe supports co-op gameplay. Up to 4 Warframe players can form a team and take on Warframe challenges together. Warframe also has mini games. Completing Warframe objectives helps players level up. Each Warframe has its own advancement level. Players can own as many Warframes as they like. The more you use a certain Warframe, the faster it will level up. Warframe is a free MMO focused on co-op PvE.

By Rachel Rosen


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