Suit up as female soldiers in Warface's Sneak Peek phase

By Michael Jamias
warface sneak peek phase

Sexy lady marines and Chinese urban warfare -- the action is definitely heating up as Warface enters its Sneak Peek phase.

What exactly is a Sneak Peek phase? Well, it's that short transition between Closed Beta and the upcoming Pre-Open Beta phase scheduled next week. For US fans, Sneak Peek starts October 2, 3AM EST and lasts until October 7, 3AM EST. For EU and Turkey, it begins October 2 9AM CET and ends October 7, 9AM CET.

Even though it lasts less than a week, the Sneak Peek phase is anything but frivolous. It actually brings a lot of fresh features to the MMOFPS's playable version.

For one, shooters can now become soldier femme fatales, and dive straight into the capture-and-hold Destruction mode. Then there's a new Chinese location for you to skirmish against the Blackwood forces. A new tutorial system also looks to hone beginners to passable fighting form with class-specific training modules.

Sounds like a lot of fun? Here's the sad news. The Sneak Peek phase will continue to be restricted to invited players only, meaning if you'd like to jump in now but haven't been part of the past Closed Beta weekends, you'd have to wait for the public Open beta.

Still, you're free to snoop around YouTube and the forums for Warface streams and videos. From what we've been hearing, it's shaping up to be a stellar MMO shooter.


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