Warface's Going Live trailer will whet your shooter appetite

By Michael Jamias
warface going live trailer

Six days to go before we get our hands on Warface, and a new trailer just made the wait even less bearable.

Crytek will release its free mmofps on October 21, pitting squads of shooters against each other in action-packed urban missions.

We've been hearing some solid feedback from fans that’ve played the game in its extended beta phases -- it's been in closed beta since January this year. And this Going Live trailer manages to capture the intense co-op competitive mechanics developers have spent close to a year now trying to hone and balance.

In the trailer, we witness two rival squads infiltrating a protected vault and squabbling for control of a metal briefcase (and the obviously valuable contents in it).

The fight erupts inside the buildings then extends out into the streets, with several of the mmorpg classes being shown off throughout the video. When it seems as if one soldier has managed to flee from the firefight with the valuable package, out comes the sneaky Rifleman in the final seconds of the trailer to assassinate the escaping soldier.

If this trailer got your attention, you can sign up at the Warface website for instant free access to the game when it goes live this coming Monday.


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