Warface launch date announced for Xbox 360

By Tam Mageean
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On PC, Warface has been dominating the mmofps scene for quite some time, and has been openly playable since way back in October. A combination of fast-paced action, a strong community, gritty visuals and a unique, time-based progression system have meant that mmo fans have been leaving behind their classic shooters, and quickly taking to Crytek's new entrant, reporting a total of 25 million users across platforms.

Since February, console gamers have been able to try their hand at Warface too, and its Xbox 360 closed beta has been hugely popular, and paved the way for free-to-play games on Xbox live. Despite the mmo being free to play on the Xbox 360, it does require you to have Gold membership with Xbox Live and a hard drive.

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Now, the Xbox 360 closed beta has drawn to a close and Crytek have announced their next steps, including a launch date for the console port.

"We’re extremely excited to be bringing ‘Warface’ to console gamers later this month on Xbox 360,” Warface Franchise Director, Hasit Zala, announced on Crytek's site. “We’re looking forward to bringing ‘Warface’ to the more than 48 million Xbox Live members, offering a free-to-play game filled with intense co-op action and new, daily content to keep Xbox 360 players coming back for more.”

The official Warface launch date has been announced as April 22nd, worldwide.


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