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warface shaker
We should have known, back when Warface was first announced, that their amazing naming abilities wouldn't be limited their title and, frankly, I haven't heard a cooler mmo challenge title than "Operation: Earth Shaker". "Face the heat of battle like never before in Operation Earth Shaker – an intense new Co-op challenge coming to Crytek’s free-to-play online shooter, Warface, today." In Warface's Operation: Earth Shaker, players need to team up...
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Feb 04 2016
warface cyber horde coop mode
Can you survive an onslaught of freakish foes spilling out from a mysterious laboratory in Warface's latest co-op mode? The new Warface Cyber Horde co-op mode will be a true test of tenacity as players are tasked with escorting a vehicle through dark woods and destroying the nefarious laboratory.But reaching the destination will be bloody battle against waves of enemies. On the way, the escorted vehicle will stop at certain points which will...
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Oct 29 2015
warface mode
You'll find two types of player archetype in mmofps games. In the first group you have the players who, above all else, hate "campers". The kind of people who care more about their Kill to Death Ration than playing the actual objective. Whether they're on your side, or on the opposition it doesn't matter, they want to build a tent, hide in it and take pot shots into no man's land whenever a body passes their cross-hairs. What's the other kind of...
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Oct 01 2015
warface operation endless skies
Warface co-op play receives a major dose of content love with a new update featuring Operation Endless Skies, a string of missions set across five brand new maps in the harsh environs of Africa. Warface's Operation Endless Skies mixes up the challenge across the maps, with each one offering unique objectives and battleground settings such as canyons and jungles.MMOFPS fans will begin the operation with a game of subterfuge in a grounded carg...
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Apr 29 2015
warface domination marathon modes
Can you outplay and outlast your MMOFPS foes in the two new Warface game modes?In Warface Domination Mode, the goal is to hold down three different positions on the map while repelling the enemy team's attempts to claim the positions for their own. The longer a team holds a position, the closer they will get to victory, so the scrappiest team that fight for every second of control will prove superior in this mode. For the debut of Domination ...
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Apr 02 2015
warface pulled
This year has been a great year for mmo games is you're predominantly a console gamer. The mmo genre, until recently has always been dominated by the self-proclaimed "PC Master Race" and their heavy-duty, custom gaming systems. The worm has turned, however, in the past 12 months, with console gamers picking up titles like World of Tanks, Warframe and various ports of the ever-popular, Minecraft. One of the key players in the console mmo revoluti...
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Dec 04 2014
warface spearhead map
Survival is the name of the game in Warface's newest map as you try to hold your position and fend off waves of attacking operatives parachuting from a combat helicopter. The intensity and difficulty of the new Warface Spearhead map cannot be underestimated; it will take a while for even savvy MMO veterans to master the new co-op map because of the added layer of challenge brought on by secondary objectives. As if defending a central position a...
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Dec 04 2014
warface date
On PC, Warface has been dominating the mmofps scene for quite some time, and has been openly playable since way back in October. A combination of fast-paced action, a strong community, gritty visuals and a unique, time-based progression system have meant that mmo fans have been leaving behind their classic shooters, and quickly taking to Crytek's new entrant, reporting a total of 25 million users across platforms. Since February, console gamers ...
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Apr 08 2014
warface launch
After an incredibly successful closed beta run, the free to play MMOFPS, Warface launched this week, without a hitch. The shooter launched in North America and Europe on GFACE, an online social gaming hub, and in Russia, China and Korea through local partners. The game is currently available in English, French, German and Turkish, with plans to expand and localize further in the near future, Taiwan and Brazil are said to be next in line for a pub...
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Oct 22 2013
warface going live trailer
Six days to go before we get our hands on Warface, and a new trailer just made the wait even less bearable. Crytek will release its free mmofps on October 21, pitting squads of shooters against each other in action-packed urban missions. We've been hearing some solid feedback from fans that’ve played the game in its extended beta phases -- it's been in closed beta since January this year. And this Going Live trailer manages to capture the ...
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Oct 15 2013