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Warface Gameplay First Look - HD

Warface Gameplay First Look - HD

Warface is a military first person-shooter free MMOFPS game from Crytek with a heavy emphasis on social interaction and teamwork. It is free to play and exclusive on the PC platform. Warface uses a class-based system where a player will choose which one to bring to the battlefield. Some of the confirmed classes for Warface include The Rifleman, a quick-hitting mobile class capable of firing shots in deadly bursts. The Engineer is a tactical master of devices, capable of dealing large damage and destruction with his trigger mines, area explosives, and high-tech gadgets. The carnage of the battlefield will leave more than a few players wounded and in need of healing, which is where the The Medic comes in to save lives, and even save the mission from failure. The Sniper sports the deadliest aim in Warface, neutralizing dangerous and hard-to-reach targets with his long-range rifle. Warface characters sport class-specific military gear, from specialized headgear to equipment packs to guns. It will be easy to spot what kind of class you’re teaming up with or fighting against.

Warface offers both PvE and PvP modes. In the PvE campaign, Warface combatants work together in multiplayer co-op missions. Successful teams receive rewards for how well they performed in reaching the objectives, while individual players are also rated and ranked. For PvP, Warface players can form teams and duke it out in various arena-like locations. Warface graphics are powered by CryENGINE 3, the same game engine used by developer Crytek in popular FPS games like Crysis 2. This gives Warface a realistic 3D look that is now the standard in war shooters, and has visual quality that rivals console hits like Battlefield and Call of Duty. Firefights in Warface look intense and feel large in scale. The environments are ultra-detailed. You will see dilapidated towns, bullet-pocked buildings and flaming debris while fighting your way through a PvE mission or in PvP combat.

Warface also uses the GFace social network system. It allows you to keep a list of friends, invite friends who are online to play a game of Warface (and other GFace-affiliated games), and even chat with them outside of the game. Signing up to GFace reserves your username in Warface. This kind of social networking feature built in to Warface adds an ease to finding teammates. With its emphasis on group content instead of solo challenges, Warface shines when you have a lot of friends to play it with.

By Rachel Rosen


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