War Thunder update 1.37 rolls out 20 new planes

By Michael Jamias
war thunder update 1 37

War Thunder update 1.37 has been activated, and it introduces a squadron of new aircraft models.

These include certified Japanese and German favorites such as the Nakajima Ki-84, a single-seat fighter widely used by the Imperial Japanese Army Air Force during World War II; and the Henschel Hs 129 B-3 (aka Hs.129B-3) that could  destroy just about any tank in the world during its time with its large 75-mm cannon.

War Thunder pilots will be able to fly these babies across eight new maps introduced in patch 1.37, each with a thrilling combat scenario that should keep you busy throughout the holiday break.

And let's not forget the slightly improved progression system that lets you unlock aircraft faster in the aviation free to play mmo. Pilots can pick the aircraft they want to unlock next and ever battle on any plane of this nation contributes to unlocking the chosen plane -- a far more satisfying reward system than before.

There won't be a reset though because of the new progression system. All pilots will get to keep their existing achievements, earned modifications and previously purchased planes.

PvP fans will also be glad with the matchmaking balance changes this patch. Developers have improved their formulas when computing a plane's effective rank, and should help avoid disastifyingly lopsided match-ups.

War Thunder 1.37 serves to prep the MMOFPS for the arrival of the Ground Forces expansion, which is now in its second closed beta round and approaching a still unscheduled open beta.


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