War Thunder armed with new modification system in Update 1.33

By Michael Jamias
war thunder update 1 33

War Thunder Update 1.33 is out and it slaps on a much improved modification system to the air combat free to play mmo.

Gaijin Entertainment said Update 1.33 was devoted to rolling out important gameplay improvements. Watch the Update 1.33 trailer:

"Players with even more freedom to choose how to improve and tune their aircraft, enhanced offensive and defensive upgrades and new aircrafts," said the developer on how the new modification system and other upgrades will benefit War Thunder fans.

The new War Thunder patch also comes loaded with stronger offensive weapons and ammunition packages and sturdier defensive armor upgrades aimed at deepening the outfitting options in the free mmofps.

Because of these changes, Gaijin Entertainment said all previously installed aircraft modifications will automatically be purchased and installed in version 1.33.

For those looking to fly a new plan, additional aircraft landed. The fresh arrivals include the US F9F-5 Panther,  BTD-1 Destroyer,  F-80C Shooting Star,  F8F-1 Bearcat,  P-47D-28 Thunderbolt and Royal Air Force  DH.100 Vampire FB.Mk.V.

An improved graphics engine and more sophisticated AI unit behavior round out the major changes included in Update 1.33. Most of the improvements were said to be drawn from fan feedback and community suggestions that have cropped up during the current open beta phase.


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