Tank Events Now Live in War Thunder

By Jeff Francis
War Thunder tank events

Participants in the War Thunder free mmofps beta can now engage in some heavy metal warfare. Gaijin Entertainment announced that tank events are now live in War Thunder for the closed beta. Matches will take place at specific times on the Production server. Gamers can easily access these events by clicking on the "Events" button in the main menu and then choosing one of the three events, one for each game mode, after 4:30pm GMT.

War Thunder tank events

Tank progress has been wiped, and players can now assess the progression of tank research from the first to the fifth rank without any limitations. Purchase and research prices for tanks have been reduced 90%. RP and Silver Lions gain in tank events have been reduced by 90% as well. Players should take note that all tank progress, such as researched vehicles and crew training, will be wiped after the open beta test begins for the ground forces in War Thunder. It his highly recommended that players do not spend any Golden Eagles on crew training as such improvements will not be carried over into the open beta. Other notes include:

  • Tanks Repaired with Silver Lions - No refund.
  • Tank Purchases with Silver Lions will be refunded automatically.
  • Tank Module purchases with Silver Lions will be refunded automatically.
  • Earned Silver Lions via tank play will remain credited to player.
  • Premium tank purchases should not be active.
  • Tank Module unlocks with Golden Eagles should not be active.
  • Camouflage and Decal purchase with Golden Eagles should not be active.
  • Tank Crew training with Golden Eagles - No refund.
  • Research Point Conversion with Golden Eagles for Ground Force trees should not be active.

Apparently, this is the second facet of World War II combat that the mmofps is testing out. War Thunder aims to recreate the action of WWII in not only the skies, but also on the ground and at sea. Players can engage in massive PvP battles, but unlike other historical combat games, you can also take part in solo PvE content.


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