War Thunder tablet version in the works

By Michael Jamias
war thunder tablet version

Soon you'll be able to fly planes in War Thunder even while taking the commute train home.

All you need to do is boot up the tablet version of the aviation fps mmo, which is currently under development.

A separate internal team has even been assigned to work on the War Thunder tablet version, according to a developer interview in the fan site Worlds Factory. This means the tablet version will be fairly well optimised in terms of graphics and controls for that platform.

The rest of the interview touches on the prospects of cross-platform play between the PC and PlayStation 4, which "is still in our plans," said Gaijin International's Alexander Trifonov. The team is just waiting to lay a good foundation for the cross-platform play, such as releasing the PlayStation 4 version in North America first.

Trifonov assured that like the PC version, which has received graphics improvements in recent patches, the PlayStation 4 version will "be getting only prettier" as time goes on.

Lastly, Trifonov confirmed that the Ground Forces expansion which is due out soon will not have a closed beta on the PlayStation 4. Instead, the expansion will be released on the console when the open beta begins on the PC.

"The console players aren’t very accustomed to the idea of mmo games in general, so we’ll provide them with more polished version of Ground Forces after closed beta test is done on PC," said Trifonov.


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