War Thunder releases on Steam with exclusive pack

By Michael Jamias
war thunder steam pack

Gaijin Entertainment announced that its military MMO title, War Thunder, can now be downloaded via Steam.

To commemorate the arrival of the MMOFPS on the popular digital distribution portal, Gaijin has launched the War Thunder Steam Pack.

If downloaded directly on Steam, the pack will unlock a free P-36A “Hawk” fighter -- the same one piloted by the famous lieutenant Philip M Rasmussen, one of the few Americans who managed to take off to defend Pearl Harbor during the Japanese sneak attack.

It also comes with two premium airplanes: XP-38G and A6M5 Ko “Zero”, as well as gives access to two single player campaigns: USA Pacific Campaign and Japanese Pacific Campaign that both take place in the Pacific conflicts spanning 1941-1943.

Lastly, it provides a premium account for 30 days and 1700 Golden Eagles, which is the War Thunder premium currency that can be spent on cool and useful upgrades.

The War Thunder Steam release was a natural progression for the game to truly conquer the PC gaming scene, according to Anton Yudintsev, CEO at Gaijin Entertainment.

“Earlier this year, the amazing community on Steam was gracious enough to support War Thunder and help get us approved. Even though War Thunder currently has more than 3 million players in Open Beta, the best way to achieve success in the PC gaming industry is to have the support of the Steam community and we are glad to be a part of it. We look forward to growing the War Thunder brand and Steam is the next important step in this process,” said Yudinstev.

War Thunder is currently in open beta and receiving fresh updates including the latest Update 1.33. It is in development for release on the PlayStation 4 console.


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