War Thunder adds authentic tank sounds in Ground Forces expansion

By Michael Jamias
war thunder real tank sounds

Kaboom! War Thunder developers go the extra mile by injecting the fps mmo with real-life tank sounds.

War Thunder fans will feel like they're driving actual tanks, now that developers have updated their audio effects to include live-recorded bits of tanks blasting their cannons and whirring their wheels across a dirt track.

The sound upgrade is part of its new Ground Forces expansion.

War Thunder maker Gaijin Entertainment is dead serious in making the military mmorpg, which was named Gamescom's Best Simulation Game this year, truly worthy of that title.

The Gaijin producers flew to museums around the world to record tank sounds from genuine US, Russian and German tanks, captured using 13 high sensitive microphones to turn up the authenticity level to the max, and then worked their reproduction magic to plug the sounds in-game.

Developers claim that players will be able to tell the difference between tanks by listening to the sound they make, which should effectively give you audio cues when tanks are within hearing vicinity, and help you adopt the appropriate combat maneuvers. And of course, the sound upgrade lets you have a more immersive and visceral experience in the battlefield since it will sound like you are piloting an genuine World War II tank.


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