War Thunder whips out a mobile spin-off, "Battle Skies"

By Michael Jamias
war thunder mobile battle skies

A mobile version of War Thunder is coming soon to iOS and Android Mobile devices called: War Thunder Mobile: Battle Skies.

The upcoming pocket MMO has begun development, according to War Thunder developer Gaijin Entertainment, and it is being optimized for play on smartphones and tablets. Battle Skies is an ambitious World War II-set title that is said to “deliver console-like graphics, breathtaking aerial action and a unique game mode not found in the PC version: Dogfight.”

Gaijin Entertainment is still keeping Dogfight mode under wraps, but it being billed as “groundbreaking” for the military warfare series.

In further highlighting the similarities between the upcoming mobile and the PC versions, executive producer Pavel Kulikov said that Battle Skies players can expect the same progressive gaming mode. Players will have their hands full piloting air forces, ground forces and naval units in one chaotic battlefield – all while riding the subway or sitting in a café. Campaigns will develop from merely controlling World War II fighters and bombers to eventually commanding tank squadrons and naval fleets.

Gaijin Entertainment did not say whether Battle Skies is being developed as a free mmofps. But based on its past titles like War Thunder and Star Conflict, it is likely to follow the freemium cash shop model.


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