War Thunder activates livestreaming feature

By Michael Jamias
war thunder livestreaming feature twitch

War Thunder players can now livestream their matches to their Twitch channels.

The War Thunder livestreaming feature gives the free to play mmo an exciting new platform to possibly attract new fans. Players who broadcast their live matches to their friends and social networks should pique the interest of more than a few mmofps fans who have not discovered War Thunder.

Livestreamers will be able to customize the quality and resolution of the stream up to FullHD quality, said developer Gaijin Entertainment. Video commentary will also be available to allow for more instructional livecasts.

The livestreaming feature comes after War Thunder rolled out update 1.31 which enabled Twitch and Facebook social functionalities.

Developers said they have streamlined the process of synching a War Thunder account to a Twitch account, allowing for players to begin their live stream with little effort.

Gaijin Entertainment CEO Anton Yudintsev said the livestreaming feature is the answer to fan requests. Prior to the Twitch-powered livestreaming, players could broadcast their matches but with significant difficulty and set up.

The feature has been enabled for the live server, and will be free to use for everyone in the World War II-set fps mmo.


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