War Thunder receives ground support in its closed beta test

By Tam Mageean
war thunder ground forces

Following in the footsteps of MMOFPS powerhouse Wargaming, War Thunder will also be tackling it's World War 2 battle across land, sea and air. However, unlike Wargaming, who have divided their forces across the 3 mmo games, World of Tanks, World of Warships and World of Warplanes, War Thunder intends on doing it all under one roof, beginning this week, where for the first time, tanks have rolled out into the battlefield.

War Thunder's Ground Forces update only features in a special closed beta test, and the first wave of players uniquely earned their places in the CBT by completing the daily missions over the thanksgiving weekend. Fear not if you weren't selected, or missed some of the daily missions though; the closed beta test still is far from full, and will be gradually filling up with fresh cannon fodder as the closed beta progresses. Gaijin Entertainment will periodically go though the players who took part in the daily missions and select them based on their merits. You can jump the queue, if you want to guarantee yourself a spot, but purchasing one of the premium, Collector's Tank Packs, which are also now up for grabs.

More ways to gain access to the Closed Beta Test are said to be announced soon, so stay tuned for more recruitment runs in the near future.


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