War Thunder Assault Update Now Live and Adds Tons of New Content

By Jeff Francis
War Thunder Update 1.67 live

For those who love the smell of napalm in the morning, then War Thunder Update 1.67 is right up their alley. The action-packed mmo fps has launched their latest update, called Assault, that adds a slew of new content for players to digest. The War Thunder Assault update adds 19 new vehicles (planes and tanks), 3 new map locations, and the upcoming co-op Assault game mode.

The full contents of the War Thunder Assault update include:

New Vehicles: Some interesting new machines arrive with War Thunder’s Update 1.67, including the new British self-propelled gun FV4005 with its deadly 183mm anti-tank cannon - now the largest cannon in the game by far - replacing the KV-2’s 152mm howitzer as the new heavy hitting champion. The recently introduced Japanese Ground Forces tree receives three new vehicles, including the ATGM carrier Type 60 APC and multi-turreted Type 95 Ro-Go. The other War Thunder nations also receive a stockpile of new tanks and aircraft.

New Map Locations: The ‘Assault’ update includes three new battle locations including one map for air and two maps for combined arms battles. On ‘Guiana Highlands’ fighting begins at an altitude 6000 meters above sea level, with the whole area being divided into several ‘floors’ that each feature their own battle and victory conditions. The two combined arms battles, ‘Ardennes’ and ‘Phang Nga’, are set during the early stages of the Battle of the Bulge and the Pacific War, respectively. The former puts players into the outskirts of the Belgian town of Bastogne as they fight for control over the town and the frost covered hilltops surrounding it. The latter, which will be made available in one of the upcoming Naval Pre-Beta weekends, sees players contest the coast of Thailand in a battle waged from air and sea.

Co-Op Assault Game Mode: Coming soon, available in two iterations, the new game mode challenges players to defend a strategic location against waves of enemy ground vehicles or aircraft. For tankers, combat is fought tank to tank on the ground, with the ability to temporarily support teammates in attack aircraft or bombers. Pilots are tasked with maintaining air superiority over a zone by fending off enemy bombers approaching from all directions. As each successive wave is stronger than the previous one, players have to work together to hold out until the end, upon which they will receive well-deserved rewards.

The 3 new map locations in War Thunder Update 1.67 equates to 80 new maps for mmofps players to battle on! I'm sure a lot of players are looking forward to the new co-op Assault mode, which will serve as a nice way to start off the day's action after logging in. Are you hyped about the new War Thunder Assault update? Let us know in the comments below.


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