War Thunder News

War Thunder update 1.71 announced
The news from Gamescom continues to come out a rapid pace, and the latest bit is for the War Thunder mmofps. Some tough new combatants are going to be entering the field in the near future as Gaijin revealed the upcoming War Thunder update 1.71 that is dubbed "New E.R..A." by the developers. This update will push the game past the Second World War and include tanks from the Cold War and Vietnam War era.In a post concerning War Thunder update ...
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Aug 24 2017
How War Thunder Chronicles of WW2 event is rocking
One of the most important eras in human history was World War II. There have been countless movies, books, and documentaries about the various battles and the people involved since the conflict began almost eighty years ago. This particular war has long been a staple of tabletop strategy games and now many mmofps games use this setting as well. War Thunder is one such mmo that seeks to recreate the tank and aerial battles of that massive conflict...
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Apr 25 2017
War Thunder Update 1.67 live
For those who love the smell of napalm in the morning, then War Thunder Update 1.67 is right up their alley. The action-packed mmo fps has launched their latest update, called Assault, that adds a slew of new content for players to digest. The War Thunder Assault update adds 19 new vehicles (planes and tanks), 3 new map locations, and the upcoming co-op Assault game mode.The full contents of the War Thunder Assault update include: New Vehicl...
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Mar 16 2017
War Thunder Update 1.65 live
The Land of the Rising Sun crashes into the War Thunder mmo fps with a vengeance today with the game's latest update. Players can now fight for His Most Imperial Majesty as the War Thunder Way of the Samurai update is now live. In addition to the new Japanese tanks entering the fray, there are also new maps and features being introduced as well. The hallmark of War Thunder Update 1.65 - Way of the Samurai are the new Japanese vehicles for gamers...
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Dec 21 2016
Why we love the War Thunder Revenue Share program
There are a lot of components that go into the making of a really solid online game, and the most important components are content, content, and content. No matter how great the game's combat system or other features are, a lack of content will eventually make playing the game repetitive and dull. This is as true for an mmofps as it is for a standard mmo. Of course, it does take a lot of resources to develop content, but many games have found a w...
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Jul 05 2016
Player earns over $5000 with war Thunder Revenue Share Program
Gamers are often told (usually by their parents) that playing online games is a waste of time. That's why it's always gratifying to hear about a player that has picked up a nice wad of cash for their efforts: in this case, the War Thunder mmofps. The recent Flaming Arrows update introduced the HE 219, a German night interceptor, which was created by a player, Daniil "_Joy_Division_" Zaitsev. As part of the War Thunder Revenue Share Program, the p...
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Jun 27 2016
war thunder world war 2 chronicles
Want a blast from the past? Gaijin Entertainment is quite happy to oblige with the launch of the War Thunder World War II Chronicles event series. Until May 9, War Thunder tankers and pilots will be able to take part in the recreation of more than 70 intense battles that erupted during World War II. These battles will span all the main theatres of operations, and will reward pilots and tankers committed enough to complete the daily objectives. ...
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Apr 19 2016
war thunder mod
When you're running a server for an mmo, a virtual worlds chat room or even just a forum, your role as Mod can be a tough one. In short, you're there to keep the peace, help the needy and, if it comes to it, step up to the plate when things catch fire socially. It's not a glamorous role, for many, it's not their main job, often voluntary, but it's also very tolling and can even result in a weird boundary between you and the other players. So, ho...
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Apr 08 2016
Will War Thunder sky visuals lead to greater mmo realism?
A lot of online games are not known for their realism. How can you be truly realistic when players are running around as elves or wookies and throwing fireballs or engaging in space combat? Yet there has been an increased emphasis on mmo realism in survival games as well as mmofps games that use real world vehicles. A lot of thought goes into certain aspects of these games, such as food production (survival) and combat physics (tank warfare games...
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Apr 06 2016
War Thunder realistic sky and clouds
There are a lot of elements that go into creating a great mmofps featuring modern warfare. Some of these elements include real world tanks and planes, as well as the application of actual physics in determining in-game combat and movement. Yet one element that is often overlooked is the environment itself, especially the sky. Even in shooters that feature a heavy dose of aerial combat, the sky usually just serves as a backdrop to the intense acti...
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Mar 28 2016