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  • War Inc: cammo

    War Inc: cammo
    It may be a dirty job, but someone has to be a recon. I just we could fight somewhere where I could use something else as cammo....
    War Inc: cammo

    War Inc: zoom

    War Inc: zoom
    Hold right click to zoom. Hold right click with a sniper rifle to REALLY zoom in....
    War Inc: zoom

    War Inc: grass

    War Inc: grass
    Splat. There's nothing left of me except some of that grass....
    War Inc: grass

    War Inc: tips

    War Inc: tips
    War Inc is available for free from Steam. You may want to read the tips and go through the tips before jumping into a quick match....
    War Inc: tips

War Inc. Gameplay

War Inc. Gameplay

War Inc. Battle Zone is a session based free MMOFPS game similar to popular titles such as Call of Duty and Counter Strike. War Inc. Battle Zone includes all of the features you would expect from a highly successful MMOFPS title including a huge variety of maps and weapons, extensive character creation options and dozens of possible load-outs.

War Inc. Battle Zone provides players with four in-depth classes to take to the battlefield, Assault, Recon, Medic and Engineer. Each class takes responsibility to fulfill different roles on the field and teams will need an even balance of each class to be successful in combat. Every class has access to a large variety of weapons and abilities, such as Medic's having the ability to heal allies and revive fallen comrades, while Recon can support their team from a distance picking off targets with long-range weapons such as Sniper Rifles.

Each class can also be customized individually using Skill Points earned through combat. By defeating enemy players and winning games players accumulate Skill Points which they can invest in an array of abilities, increasing the potency of each ability. Other areas of class customization include switching out main and secondary weapons as well as support equipment such as grenades and claymores. This huge variety of character class customization creates almost limitless build possibilities for intense PvP combat that is unique every round.

War Inc. Battle Zone is home to a large variation of maps, from a crate-filled shipyard to a mountainous desert region. Each map has been custom built to provide a unique experience for the variety of game modes available. There's plenty of different game modes to keep players entertained, from regular FPS MMO modes such as Deathmatch and Capture the Flag to more unique options such as Sabotage and checkpoint-based Conquest.

By Rachel Rosen

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