Tribes Ascend Twinfusor Update Blasts Off With New Weapons and CTF Maps

By Michael Jamias
tribes ascend twinfusor update

Tribes Ascend got an action-packed content reload with the Twinfusor update, which added three new weapons, two CTF maps, three skins, and a whole barrage of balance changes to make the MMOFPS title a lot more fun and explosive.

Released on July 25, the Twinfusor update introduces a trio of radical arms – the Pathfinder’s Light Twinfusor, the Soldier’s Twinfusor and Juggernaut’s Heavy Twinfusor. Hi-Rez Studios co-founder and COO Todd Harris even showed us how these new weapons pack a double-shot wallop through the five-minute trailer below:

A fresh pair of capture-the-flag maps will challenge Tribes Ascend hotshots in new ways. In the arctic Permafrost map, the flag is encased in an indoor bunker, making it that much harder to capture. Meanwhile, the fog-drenched Dangerous Crossing map allows for a more tactical and stealth approach to winning the match.

The official Twinfusor update patch notes discuss the rest of the improvements coming to the shooter MMO, including more than two dozen tweaks to existing weapons for balance purposes.

Multiplayer also received a big boost through the new party creation option, which lets friends group up before joining the Quick Match queues. The option can be accessed through the popout tab on the Play Now option, and provides the Leader with the power to invites friends and other interested teammates by entering their names manually. A functioning party chat system even ups the coordination as players can now discuss strategies in and out of matches.


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