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  • Tribes Ascend: Diamond

    Tribes Ascend: Diamond
    Pick your team when entering a Team Death Match game. Today, we support Diamond Sword....
    Tribes Ascend: Diamond

    Tribes Ascend: Wait for it

    Tribes Ascend: Wait for it
    Wait til you see the whites of their helmets... Or you get killed by someone from behind....
    Tribes Ascend: Wait for it

    Tribes Ascend: run away

    Tribes Ascend: run away
    When you have the flag, run. Your job is to stay alive. Your team gets double points while they control the flag....
    Tribes Ascend: run away

    Tribes Ascend: I did it

    Tribes Ascend: I did it
    I killed someone! I actually killed someone! And then I died....
    Tribes Ascend: I did it

Tribes Ascend Gameplay

Tribes Ascend Gameplay

Tribes Ascend is a MMO game from developers, Hi-Rez Studios, the same team that brought you other popular MMO FPS such as Global Agenda. Tribes Ascend includes all of the fast-paced action you would usually associate with a MMOFPS game, but it also utilizes a number of unique mechanics that sets it apart from other online titles. Based on the highly popular Tribes franchise and released in April 2012, Hi-Rez Studios are looking to breath new life into the FPS genre.

Although Tribes Ascend includes many features you would expect from a MMOFPS game, such as a huge variety of weapons, maps and game modes, its most definitive features are the Jetpack and Skiing systems. The Jetpack offers a 3D combat zone unlike anything you've ever experienced in another online titles, with players being able to take to the skies whenever they please. The Jetpack does have a limited supply of fuel so players have to choose when to utilize it's unique maneuvering capabilities. Skiing is another system unique to Tribes Ascend giving skilled players the opportunity to use small booster backpacks that provide a boost of speed. Skiing is best used in conjunction with the Jetpack, as players attempt to land they then activate the Skiing to be able to keep up their speed and dodge enemy fire. Due to the fast-paced movement and combat, players will have to be skilled in leading their shots in order to kill their enemies.

Combining the above features with a strong set of available classes and abilities, varied game modes and loads of highly detailed maps, Tribes Ascend is one of the most impressive MMOFPS titles released in 2012.

Tribes Ascend offers players one of the most unique MMOFPS experiences available online, including a huge variety of features, mechanics and game modes that set it apart from other online shooting titles such as Wolf Team and WarRock. Fans of shooting titles will love the skill-based combat and maneuvering systems, making Tribes Ascend one of the most difficult FPS MMO available.

By Rachel Rosen


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