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Transformers Online is a team based MMO FPS developed and published by Tencent Games in collaboration with Hasbro. The teaser trailer for the game was revealed in June 2016. During ChinaJoy, a big gaming convention, Tencent officially announced that they partnered with Hasbro to create Transformers Online based on the Transformers universe. Hasbro is the owner of the Transformers franchise. Fans of the franchise were overjoyed by the news especially since the last announced Transformers MMO was canceled in 2015. The game was supposed to be a MOBA and was developed by Jagex. Transformers Online is a triple A title so players can expect top notch graphics quality. Gameplay focuses on player competition and interaction.

Transformers tells a story about two warring factions. On a faraway planet inhabited by sentient robots, two alliances emerged and are fighting each other. One faction, Autobots, are presented as the good guys. The are fighting the evil Decepticons. Transformers has a complex lore developed through cartoon TV series, comics, video games and movies. Transformers Online the MMO features characters from the entire Transformers universe including the latest movies. Players get the chance to control famous Transformers in battles. Optimus Prime, Bluestreak, Bumblebee and many others are part of the Transformers Online heroes list. Decepticon fighters such as Blockade are available as well. Each character has a set of stats with unique values and three primary abilities. The character description also contains info on background and personal story. Transformers Online characters wield different weapons. Some prefer sniper rifles, others equip rocket launchers, shotguns or energy guns. Grenades can be used as well. There are characters specialized in ranged attacks and fighters who master melee combat. Bluestreak is a sniper hero, Ratchet is on support duty, Jazz has unmatched melee skills and Bumblebee plays like an assassin hero.

Various Transformers Online game modes allow players to compete in different scenarios. Team Deathmatch, a popular MMOFPS mode, pits two teams against each other. The team with the most kills wins the match. In Resource War mode, players fight to control locations that give resources. Transformers Online Knife Fight is a scenario in which players are not allowed to use anything but melee weapons and skills. Silver and experience are awarded based on player's performance and the outcome of the match. Experience is needed to boost character's level. Silver is spent on weapons and equipment. There is also an achievements feature that displays various accomplishments and statistics. Transformers Online is built with Unreal Engine 4.

By Rachel Rosen

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