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Time of Dragons Gameplay First Look - HD

Time of Dragons Gameplay First Look - HD

Time of Dragons is an action shooter developed and published by 4 I Lab. It's a game with an unusual concept and setting. Most MMOFPS titles deal with sci fi scenarios or apocalyptic settings. Time of Dragons combines fantasy with sci fi. The unique mechanics allow players to equip dragons with missiles and other high tech weapons. Multiple game modes give dragon riders the chance to clash in epic aerial fights. Different types of dragons offer a wide range of play style customization. Multiple game modes are available so players can test their abilities in all sorts of situations. Time of Dragons also pays special attention to visuals. Game landscapes are beautifully created to provide a pleasant visual experience.

Adventures take place in a sci fi world where two races fight for resource control. Atlans and Neils weren't always at war with each other. Diplomatic agreements and the discovery of Neoplasm allowed them to pursue a path of progress. This new source of energy was so powerful that all industries and technologies came to rely on it. Time of Dragons conflict began when Atlans and Neils realized that Neoplasm is found in finite quantities and there is simply not enough of it to cover both races needs. Allies transformed into enemies. The two races are now engaged in a never ending war for Neoplasm. Time of Dragons players step into the shoes of Adopiants. These brave fighters tame wild dragons and use them for fighting. Players are allowed to choose a dragon just like selecting a MMORPG class. There are different types of draconic beasts. Each one comes with special powers. Cronus is an Atlan combat dragon. It's a hybrid class that suits a support role. Ogre is another Time of Dragons fighter that trades speed for good defense and firepower. Each dragon has a unique ability. Some specialize in poison damage while others excel at crowd control. Weapons are another important customization component. Players are able to choose from different types of damage dealing gadgets such as mines, explosive shells, lasers, turrets and more.

Action combat and PvP modes characterize Time of Dragons player interaction. Deathmatch is a simple mode that awards victory to the player with the most kills. Team Deathmatch is similar but this time players are required to work as a team. Seize the flag or capture the flag is a popular mode seen in many FPS MMO games. Convoy and Seize Strongholds are other Time of Dragons PvP modes. The multiplayer system unites players from all corners of the world. Time of Dragons is available as a free game through Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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