Team Fortress 2 busts out Robotic Boogaloo, its first community-made update

By Michael Jamias
team fortress 2 robotic boogaloo community update

Fans completely took over the development reins and the final result is Team Fortress 2’s newest update, Robotic Boogaloo, which is now live.

The Team Fortress 2 update introduces 57 new community items, the most ever unloaded in a single go. The update is also 100% created by the resident mmofps community, from the game content to the marketing peripherals seen on the website and Steam store, down to this animated short-slash-launch trailer:

The video succinctly summarizes what the Robotic Boogaloo is bringing to the ultra popular MMO shooter: Metal Headgear.

Based on teaser previews on the Team Fortress 2 microsite, the mechanical hats will span across a number of cultural and professional references: From one-horned Viking caps and metallic Native Indian headdresses, to scrap junk newsboy caps and football helmets.

The new items will only be available in RoboCrates, which will become rare drops after June 3.

Another thing that sets the Robotic Boogaloo update from the rest: It espouses the spirit of camaraderie and generosity.

"In a first for the Team Fortress economy, all the creators of the Robotic Boogaloo Update have decided to share the revenue earned from the sale of RoboCrate Keys,” explained the press release announcing the update. “That means that everyone involved will be profiting from this update, not just the people making hats."


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