Team Fortress 2's Maps Workshop Goes Into Beta

By Tam Mageean
team fortress 2 maps

Regardless of what your favorite Team Fortress 2 class is, there's a new, unspoken class in town - the builder. Whether you're an Engineer, A Pyro, or a Demoman, you can now break out the bricks and mortar and try the sacred art of arena design out for yourself.

The hugely requested "Maps Workshop" mode has been on the minds of fans for quite some time and, at long last, the beta has rolled out and gives gammers the chance to Minecraft-up Team Fortress 2, sandbox mmo style.

The new function allows players to build, collaborate and learn, with a strong lean on bringing the community together to make great maps. Every time a constructive feature like this joins a game, an awesome scene of budding designers and modders comes together to make maps and, as a result, players are pushed into new and more difficult challenges.

Team Fortress 2 Maps Workshop banner

If you're less of a builder and more of a fighter, you can simply browse the builds of others and try them out yourself, leaving feedback as you go if you find something glitchy, or a slightly one-sided choke point.

Valve have jokes on the official website for the mmofps that the new feature wont be a big deal, stating it's "...a place for all three of you to upload, enjoy or just learn about the existence of maps!", but we think they'll be pleasantly surprised by the popularity of the new mode.

No news on when or if the Team Fortress 2 Maps Workshop will become a fully fledged mode, so enjoy it while you can and let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.


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