The Team Fortress 2 Squad Have Something Up Their Sleeve

By Tam Mageean
team fortress 2 countdown

In the mmofps world, there are three main competitors for the top spot. From SOE, there's the PlaneSide series, and the other two come from Valve; CounterStrike and Team Fortress 2. Of the three titles in the mmofps "holy trinity" Team Fortress 2 is somewhat the strong and silent type. While CounterStrike is tearing up the eSports scene and PlanetSide 2 is hosting events, promotions and updates all year round, the Team Fortress 2 guys stick to the "if it ain't broke, don't fix it" approach; something that's worked well for them, and kept fans of the familiar happy too.

It has been almost 7 years since Valve unleashed Team Fortress 2 into the mmo community, and despite their simplistic approach, it would appear Valve are about to shake things up a little.

Nobody knows what's coming, or why, all they know is when.

Team Fortress 2 countdown

On the official website, a Team Fortress 2 countdown clock has been ticking away in front of a test card, and it's set to end tonight at midnight (GMT). There's not much on show on the website besides that, and despite the lack of information, what little can be seen on the test card has got fans conspiring and trying to extract meaning from the symbols on their screens.

From a tenth class, to a rehash of Team Fortress Classic, to an all out sequel, fans at odds with each other as to what the announcement could be. All we can do for now is wait...


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