Team Fortress 2 Is Finally Getting Competitive

By Tam Mageean
team fortress 2 competitive

Recently, in the mmofps world, the term "competitive" has been a point of contention for many. As others have pointed out, Overwatch launched as a near perfect game, with fantastic gameplay, revolutionary interactivity for players of all skill levels and objective-based, raw fun throughout.

However, the addition of new content, with no impact on the original content, made this perfect game an imperfect one. Sometimes, less is more.

Team Fortress 2 has been a testament to that. After years and years as a basic, casual shooter it has maintained a determined fan following, racking up thousands of hours, day after day. There has always been a calling for a Team Fortress 2 competitive mode, but Valve have skirted carefully around the issue for the most part. The game does have its own competitive scene and a whisper of eSports heritage, but it wasn't until recently that their cries to be taken more seriously were truly taken into account.

Now, after years of lobbying, the "Meet Your Match" update is here, giving competitive fans of the free mmofps the mode they've always wanted. This means players will finally get to climb a rankings system and, most importantly, experience fast and controlled matchmaking, ensuring that their opponents are close in skill level.

Competitive multiplayer and matchmaking will always be a huge issue in gaming, so long as there's a winning side and a losing side, but hopefully this will appease one of TF2's most dedicated communities and meet their expectations.


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