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Top five goofy mmo games
Many gamers view playing their favorite online games as serious business. A lot of time and effort is spent creating an optimal build, raids are carefully planned, and a good deal of focus is geared towards keeping a guild vibrant and functional. It's understandable to take mmorpg games so seriously as we spend so many hours within their virtual worlds, but there should also be some goofy fun as well. After all, games are supposed to be fun in th...
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Jun 01 2017
How to spot troubled mmo development
Seeing an mmo in development can be a heady feeling. There is a sense of optimism that a great game is being created, packed full of innovative and fun features. Players eagerly follow all the tidbits of information that are slowly released and keep track of every developer update that's posted. However, dark clouds can begin to form on the horizon, giving signs of troubled mmo development. Such warning signs could lead to nothing, but they could...
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Sep 08 2016
team fortress 2 competitive
Recently, in the mmofps world, the term "competitive" has been a point of contention for many. As others have pointed out, Overwatch launched as a near perfect game, with fantastic gameplay, revolutionary interactivity for players of all skill levels and objective-based, raw fun throughout. However, the addition of new content, with no impact on the original content, made this perfect game an imperfect one. Sometimes, less is more. Team Fortres...
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Jul 06 2016
team fortress 2 matchmaking beta
One of the most rumored features for Team Fortress 2, since it's inception over half a decade ago has been competitive matchmaking. In short, players want to be able to get serious with Team Fortress 2 and play people as closely matched to their skill levels as possible. In a shooter, this is typically a fundamental requirement. However, TF2, one of the most successful mmofps games of all time, has never made the jump and has gotten along fine w...
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Feb 22 2016
Team Fortress 2 PASS Time game mode announced
It's always fascinating when creative companies get together and collaborate on a project. Some times the results are not that hot, but then there are times when magic is created. It gets even better when death and mayhem are thrown into the mix, especially when it concerns the fun-loving Team Fortress 2 mmofps. Valve has collaborated with Bad Robot (run by J.J. Abrams) and Escalation Studios to create the new Team Fortress 2 PASS Time game mode,...
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Aug 19 2015
team fortress 2 maps
Regardless of what your favorite Team Fortress 2 class is, there's a new, unspoken class in town - the builder. Whether you're an Engineer, A Pyro, or a Demoman, you can now break out the bricks and mortar and try the sacred art of arena design out for yourself. The hugely requested "Maps Workshop" mode has been on the minds of fans for quite some time and, at long last, the beta has rolled out and gives gammers the chance to Minecraft-up Team F...
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Jun 04 2015
team fortress 2 matchmaking
It's virtually a classic now, but Team Fortress 2 is still on the drawing board at Valve and still getting some pretty impressive updates. This past week has been a PR nightmare for Valve. After rolling out a poorly thought out solution to paying modders on Steam, the blessed Lord Gaben fell into civil war with his PC loyalists overnight. The dust has finally started to settle and, while Gaben licks his wounds, Valve have gone back to reinforcin...
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Apr 30 2015
team fortress 2 countdown
In the mmofps world, there are three main competitors for the top spot. From SOE, there's the PlaneSide series, and the other two come from Valve; CounterStrike and Team Fortress 2. Of the three titles in the mmofps "holy trinity" Team Fortress 2 is somewhat the strong and silent type. While CounterStrike is tearing up the eSports scene and PlanetSide 2 is hosting events, promotions and updates all year round, the Team Fortress 2 guys stick to th...
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Jun 17 2014
team fortress 2 robotic boogaloo community update
Fans completely took over the development reins and the final result is Team Fortress 2’s newest update, Robotic Boogaloo, which is now live. The Team Fortress 2 update introduces 57 new community items, the most ever unloaded in a single go. The update is also 100% created by the resident mmofps community, from the game content to the marketing peripherals seen on the website and Steam store, down to this animated short-slash-launch traile...
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May 20 2013