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  • Team Fortress 2: hide

    Team Fortress 2: hide
    A medic hides in a corner....
    Team Fortress 2: hide

    Team Fortress 2: shotgun

    Team Fortress 2: shotgun
    Engineers use shotguns to deal with enemies at short range....
    Team Fortress 2: shotgun

    Team Fortress 2: grr

    Team Fortress 2: grr
    After dying, you will watch the person that killed you while waiting to respawn....
    Team Fortress 2: grr

    Team Fortress 2: revenge

    Team Fortress 2: revenge
    If you can't beat 'em, join 'em. On my assault, with a medic healing me, we deal with the other team....
    Team Fortress 2: revenge

Team Fortress 2 Gameplay

Team Fortress 2 Gameplay

Team Fortress 2 is an online action and shooter game from Valve that has gained worldwide fame for distinctive classes and fun multiplayer mode. Players take control of one of nine classes -- from the fleet-footed Scout to the flame-torching Pyro to the shadow-stalking Spy. Each class carries an arsenal of primary, secondary and melee weapons which support his specific style of fighting. Once you’ve picked a class, you will then join an all-out arena rumble as a member of two rival teams. Winning in Team Fortress 2 requires coordination and teamwork to achieve the map objectives. Objectives are based a given map. On capture-the-flag type of maps, teams need to steal a briefcase of intelligence hidden deep in the enemy base while protecting their own. There are also control point and payload maps. Individual player performance is scored; the game shows each player a summary of his kills, captures and points earned, among other statistics after each match. This serves as a great motivator for MMOFPS fans to improve their tactics and play.

Matches in Team Fortress 2 are hectic and a lot of fun. Combat effects will show players flying from a grenade’s impact and getting burned in flamethrower fire, with the right amount of blood to keep it visceral yet far from gratuitously gory. Killed players re-spawn after a certain timer, which leaves their respective teams temporarily at a disadvantage. Aside from taking down enemies and going for objectives, players can also gun for achievements in-game. The good thing is these achievements are usually tied to exceptional individual or team play. For example, there is an achievement for racking up consecutive kills and also one for finishing a round in blazing fast speed. These achievements are then displayed MMO style – braggingly on a player’s Team Fortress 2 public profile page.
Team Fortress 2 players can create items through the crafting system. These include weapons, hats and other base materials. Through crafting, unneeded items picked up through the games item drop system can transformed, usually into stronger and more specialized gear. A faster but costlier method to acquiring better items is to purchase them directly from the Team Fortress 2 online store. Purchase is absolutely optional; weapons do give players some advantage, but not so much as to affect game balance. Overall, though, Team Fortress 2 makes good on its claim as a free mmofps title. All nine classes in its roster are available to free players, which means you can enjoy the core game forever without spending a cent.

By Rachel Rosen


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