Tanki Online rolls out May Holidays madness

By Michael Jamias
tanki online may day event

It's that time of the year again in Tanki Online where rewards seem to airdrop non-stop. For the newbie tankers, the Tanki Online May Holidays event is 12-day revelry of freebies and sale items.

Tanki Online poster May Holidays

So from May 1 (1amn UTC+0) to May 12 (1am UTC+0), you can earn 2x crystals in battles and 3x crystals when catching gold boxes. Players can also expect doubled battle funds and 3,000 crystal gold boxes for the duration of the Tank Online May Day event.

Want to stock up on garage goodies? Do so on May 1 - 2 during which prices on all items, except for kits and micro-upgrades, will be 25% cheaper.

That's all kind of expected, right? Well, all you mmo veterans might want to log in on May 9. Tanki Online developers are cooking up "something special" for that day, and plan to reveal it in the coming days.

This May Day event further ramps up the activity in the 3d tank action fps mmo since it releases just a day after the launch of the 254th update, which implemented major balancing adjustments to turrets and hulls that should hit some overpowered builds and help even out the playing field.


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