Tanki Online enables weapon switching in battle

By Michael Jamias
tanki online fast weapon switching

Having a hard time blowing up a target in Tanki Online? Now you can choose the best tank equipment on the fly while in battle with the new Tanki Online fast weapon switching.

Introduced in the latest update for the tank battle fps mmo, this ability to alter your tank equipment during combat should make for more interesting matches. Players will be able to adapt to their enemy by accessing the garage setting, optimising their tank parts depending on the opponent's playstyle and equipment.

This is a big game changer for the tank mmorpg to say the least, moving away from the previous paradigm of only allowing equipment changes in between matches. As an effect, having a wide variety of gear should become a paramount importance for all players who want to stay competitive in PvP. Cosmetic paint job change will also be allowed mid-game.

As if that was not enough, Tanki Online developers will also enable players to buy items in the middle of battle. If you're worried about dying while perusing the cash shop or pondering your equipment choices, don't worry. The match will be paused for a maximum of five minutes during the equipment swap.

This video tutorial should help teach you how to quickly change equipment in battle:


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