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tanki online 5th anniversary 2015 plans
Tanki Online is now five years old, and if the MMORPG developers execute their grand plans next year, it could grow even more popular. Tanki Online launched back in 2008 from a small studio but it has since grown exponentially into an MMOFPS with 41 million registered users worldwide. To celebrate the milestone, the studio has planned Tanki Online 5th anniversary events and store discounts for the upcoming week from June 4 to 9.A big anniver...
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Jun 02 2014
tanki online may day event
It's that time of the year again in Tanki Online where rewards seem to airdrop non-stop. For the newbie tankers, the Tanki Online May Holidays event is 12-day revelry of freebies and sale items.So from May 1 (1amn UTC+0) to May 12 (1am UTC+0), you can earn 2x crystals in battles and 3x crystals when catching gold boxes. Players can also expect doubled battle funds and 3,000 crystal gold boxes for the duration of the Tank Online May Day e...
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Apr 30 2014
tanki online hammer
How would you like to have a shotgun on your tank? Tanki Online delivers a new unique military mmo experience by rolling out Hammer, a short-range turret that is essentially a shotgun and deals tremendous damage.Like the actual shotgun, Tanki Online's Hammer can damage several target opponents with a single shot at medium range with the allocation of pain based on how many pellets hit each target. What's the relative firepower of Hammer comp...
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Dec 19 2014
tanki online fast weapon switching
Having a hard time blowing up a target in Tanki Online? Now you can choose the best tank equipment on the fly while in battle with the new Tanki Online fast weapon switching. Introduced in the latest update for the tank battle fps mmo, this ability to alter your tank equipment during combat should make for more interesting matches. Players will be able to adapt to their enemy by accessing the garage setting, optimising their tank parts depending...
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Apr 03 2014