Tactical Intervention is locked and loaded for launch

By Tam Mageean
tactical intervention launch

After a mere 6 weeks of beta testing, Tactical Intervention launches today! The MMOFPS drew a host of support and feedback from fans, attracting over 200,000 beta registrations and pro-gaming support from e-sports clan MTF Gaming.

The folks at FIX Korea are celebrating the launch by dropping a tactical payload of new gear onto its players. A new SA58 Entry Assault Rifle, an Automatic XD45 Pistol, a hostage rescue scenario map and a new Team Deathmatch map are now available. This brings the total playable maps up to a very competitive 11, with an additional 2, Airport and Monaco, already in the making.

tactical intervention skyrise

Tactical Intervention has high hopes of becoming a competitive classic, due to its Counter Strike heritage; in the form of its Valve Source engine and the game's Design Lead, and Counter Strike's co-creator, Minh Le. MTF Gaming have been rigorously putting the game through its paces, and are already preparing for it to go pro. MTF Gamings Managing Director, Robin Dreger has explained;

"As we are convinced that the game will occupy a permanent place in the e-sports scene, we started a T.I. team right after the release of the open beta,"

Following successful beta testing, MTF have decided to continue to help with the game's development, in the hope of gaining the gaming edge in this free MMOFPS.

tactical intervention screenshot

Tactical Intervention is available now, totally free on Steam.


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