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    Tactical Intervention: start
    When you create a character, you can choose an avatar and a starting weapon. I'll begin my gameplay with an assault weapon....
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    Tactical Intervention: store
    Head to the store to buy better and upgraded gear. Keep in mind that most of these upgrades last for a limited time so you have to...
    Tactical Intervention: store

    Tactical Intervention: loadout

    Tactical Intervention: loadout
    The loadout screen lets you upgrade both your terrorist and counter-terrorist setups. You can choose a primary and secondary weapo...
    Tactical Intervention: loadout

    Tactical Intervention: counterstrike

    Tactical Intervention: counterstrike
    Tactical Intervention was developed, in part by, the co creator of Counterstrike. Fans of Counterstrike should enjoy the feel and ...
    Tactical Intervention: counterstrike

Tactical intervention Gameplay

Tactical intervention Gameplay

Tactical Intervention (TI) is a free MMOFPS developed by FIX Korea and published by RNTS Games. The lead designer behind Tactical Intervention is none other than Gooseman, the man that once created a multiplayer Half Life mode called Counter Strike. Gamer or not, everyone heard about Counter Strike, the game that is considered to be one of the best FPS games of all times. Unwillingly, Gooseman set quite a high standard for all FPS games that came after Counter Strike. Tactical Intervention is not meant as a Counter Strike continuation but as an entirely new game. However, Tactical Intervention has some similarities with Counter Strike. The used game engine for Tactical Intervention is Valve's Source.

Tactical Intervention story is pretty simple. It's all about a war between terrorists and counter forces opposing them. The emphasis is not on story mode but on fast paced multiplayer experience. Tactical Intervention is friendly to new players but not easy. Everyone starts with fair chances but only those who prove they got the skills will top the ranks. Team play is also an important aspect of Tactical Intervention free MMO. Another crucial feature is weaponry. All Tactical Intervention weapons are designed after real models. They can be improved and customized by changing various parts or adding new ones. There are 2 kinds of Tactical Intervention weapons: primary and secondary. Primary weapons are assault guns, shotguns and sub machine guns. Pistols and sniper rifles are secondary weapons. Each subcategory has various models. The ACOG scope is a weapon addon that maximizes zoom. The Silencer addon muffles sounds. Terrorists and counter terrorists have different uniform models. Besides uniforms, other equipment like head, face, feet or hands gear can be worn. Tactical Intervention players have perks to boost their performance in PvP matches. Realism is also present in map design. All maps have an urban setting enhanced with details such as cars, civilians or pets. However, all these have functional purposes too. Players can interact with NPCs or cars and receive temporary advantages. Sometimes the outcome of a Tactical Intervention multiplayer match may depend on these interactions.

Terrorists and counter terrorists teams compete to win Tactical Intervention matches. Team Death Match is about getting the required number of kills. Each player unlocks grenades after killing a certain number of enemy players. Killed players respawn but their kill count is reset to 0. The other types of Tactical Intervention PvP modes are mission modes. To win a mission mode, players must capture, rescue or escort hostages. Tactical Intervention MMOFPS is a fast paced PvP game and, at the moment, it doesn't have any PvE content.

By Rachel Rosen


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