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By Tam Mageean
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Lock your doors, board the windows and double-check your emergency rations; the end of the world is here! The apocalyptic dystopian MMOFPS, Survarium's beta is on the way, and will take you to the end of Earth as we know it.

Survarium takes place in a near-future nightmare, when the planet has revolted against humankind, and anarchy reigns supreme. You can team up with survivors or take them head-on, so expect some DayZ style clan warfare.

The developers of the free to play MMO have announced that the closed beta will be going live "within a week or two" and that it'll lose its russian-only restriction, that prevented international players from experiencing the alpha, despite the wave of interest from the rest of the World.

On top of that, a beta-to-live launch date has also been roughly set out. Vostok Games' Community Manager, Andriyash Kozlovsky has told the fans that we can expect a launch, at present, in the latter part of 2014. Nothing official yet, but as the Developer's Diaries roll out, and the Beta paints a better picture for the developers, more info will be revealed. The fact that they're revealing anything at the moment is telling of their success, as their studios have recently suffered a relocation, and were expected to "go dark" during the move.


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