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survarium update 043
Survarium fans should feel a flurry of quality of play improvements in Update 0.43 with a focus on boosting system performance and enhancing damage visualization. The Survarium Update 0.43 brings on code optimizations allowing for more active use of multi-thread calculations that basically helps low-end PCs and specific configurations achieve a performance gain of as much as 70%. "This will allow the game to better use the calculation power of ...
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Jul 16 2016
Survarium update 0.34 live
Christmas may officially be over, but it's actually just getting started in the Survarium mmo fps. A host of new features, including a new Christmas raid, have been introduced to the game with the latest update. Survarium Update 0.34 is now live and also updates character skills and improves network synchronization.The features of Survarium Update 0.34 include: Christmas Raid game event: Log in to Survarium during the Holiday Season and rece...
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Dec 29 2015
survarium signup bonuses
Survarium is looking to lure you into its brutal mmo world with a brand-new bunch of free gold and account time.New players will secure their Survarium sign-up bonuses -- which include 100 gold and 14 days of premium account time -- the moment they fill up the form. Mind you though the survival post-apocalyptic fps mmo is still finalizing its PvP mode with beta testing ongoing for features such as Team Deathmatch mode. Still, there are plen...
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Mar 07 2015
survarium freeplay
There's a storm brewing. As far as traditional sandbox and rpg games go, the term "freeplay" is used when referring to a time for relatively relaxed enjoyment within the game. Typically, it's a mode that allows players to break free from the gaming-canon shackles and do what they want, when they want, in a relaxed, unstructured setting. However, the developers behind Survarium have a very different perspective on the matter. It may sound a littl...
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Feb 09 2015
survarium open beta
Back at the end of 2013, a new mmofps entered the mmo parthenon, titled, Survarium. The dystopian shooter, created by Russian developer, Vostok Games takes place in a post-apocalyptic future, where players must choose whether to survive by building alliances with the gamers around them, or to take them on and loot them of their goodies. With little info out there, due to the localized alpha being only available in Russia, the rest of Europe simp...
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Dec 30 2014
survarium dates
Lock your doors, board the windows and double-check your emergency rations; the end of the world is here! The apocalyptic dystopian MMOFPS, Survarium's beta is on the way, and will take you to the end of Earth as we know it. Survarium takes place in a near-future nightmare, when the planet has revolted against humankind, and anarchy reigns supreme. You can team up with survivors or take them head-on, so expect some DayZ style clan warfare. The ...
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Dec 04 2013