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Survarium Gameplay First Look - HD

Survarium Gameplay First Look - HD

Set in a brutal post-apocalypse world, Survarium is the free mmofps developed by Vostok Games. Survarium is set in the near-future after a terrible ecological apocalypse where nature itself has turned against mankind. Cities are surrounded by impenetrable woods, crazed animals attack both man and every sign of civilization. Plant life aggressively pushes through the foundations of buildings and streets. The result is the collapse of society and humanity does not know the reason why. Intrepid explores venture into the dark depths of the woodlands to find out the cause of this green apocalypse. The world of Survarium is now split into separate camps amidst the wreckage of the old USSR.

The player's goal in this hellish world is to simply survive. To do so, they'll have to fight not only against plant and animal, but also against other players. To keep the feeling of desolation uppermost in players' minds, Survarium limits the number of players on a map so you'll never feel like you're standing in Grand Central Station during rush hour.

The basic gameplay of Survarium has players going out on missions, which are split among three specific gameplay modes: PvP, PvE, and Co-op. PvP has two teams of players battling it with varying criteria for victory. Co-op has the player joining with friends or with random players playing a series of missions. Each mission impacts the subsequent mission and the missions get progressively more difficult. PvE is also called free-play mode, and that is when the player appears on a huge map that is populated by mutants and anomalies, the objects that are warping the world. The player is free to decide on who he will attack, if he will join up with others or be a lone wolf, or if he will render aid. The map is randomly generated and the player can exit the map once he finds the exit, which allows for a great deal of replayability.

Doing missions in Survarium will result in the player gaining money and reputation from the various camps. The greater the reputation of the player, the more options open to them within that camp such as weapons, equipment, and drugs. There are also nine factions in the game, many of which the player can join. Overall, there are five skills for the player to improve upon as they level: shooting practice, physical training, medical knowledge, technical training, and act of survival. Every five levels, the player will receive a new ability to use.

Survarium is set in a dark apocalyptic world, but it aims to be realistic as possible from the body armor worn to the weapons carried by the players. This mmofps offers hardcore action in a gritty setting where nature has run amok and mankind is hanging on by a thread.

By Jeff Francis


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