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Super MNC Gameplay

Super MNC Gameplay

Super Monday Night Combat aka Super MNC is a free to play third-person shooter game from Uber Entertainment. Super MNC is a sequel to Monday Night Combat, and like its predecessor, this new iteration uses a class-based shooter format but with elements taken from multiplayer online battle arena and real-time strategy games. The hybrid nature of Super MNC gives it a distinct combat scenario where two opposing teams try to take out the enemy base. Players take on the role of Pros – the future equivalent of entertainment gladiators – each sporting his or her own uniform sets, taunts and gear. Pros will form two teams of five which then face off in a brutal arena fight. There’s a bit of cheekiness to Super MNC with its use of sportscasters and crowd cheering amid all the shooting and killing.

Don’t let the brightly lit 3D environments of Super MNC fool you. Combat here is as intense as a dedicated MMOFPS with the added tactical complexity from purchasing bots, and choosing the proper weaponry to get the job done. Even your choice of pro is a strategic choice since there are five available archetypes with wildly different styles of play. Strikers hit targets fast and hard; Enforcers can survive the worst assaults but are slow to move; Defenders can heal and provide cover with their area turret attacks; Sharpshooters function as assassins and debuffers; and Commandos are known for their fragile but super fast assault capabilities. The free to play version of Super MNC allows you to choose from a rotating selection of pros every week, but players can shell out cash or coins earned from continuous play to permanently gain access to their favorite pro. New pros are introduced via regular content patches, as well as new map and game modes.

What would Super MNC be without MMO levels of customization? The game allows players to upgrade their pro’s skills and spend money on items that will help improve their chances of killing and survival. On the more cosmetic side, players can also alter their pro’s looks, uniforms, voice and even taunts – those amusing gestures meant to rile up your opponent (and hopefully lead to a rage-induced mistake). Aside from your virtual pro, your agent profile also levels up and earns combat credits the more matches you complete. As a hybrid mmofps, Super MNC was certainly an ambitious project that has turned out to be a an expertly concocted strategy shooter.

By Rachel Rosen

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