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Squad is a PvP MMOFPS developed and published by Offworld Industries. It's a military themed game that focuses on team cooperation and communication. Massive player interaction is achieved with battlefields that can support up to 100 soldiers. There are three major factions and developers are planning to add a few more to the list. Players can choose to be part of the US Army, join a rebel alliance, pledge their allegiance to the Militia or fight for the Russian Armed Forces. Squad is a game that values team work above all. Certain game systems like the navigation feature allow players to be aware of what is going on at all times. Team leaders have several tools like chat channels to discuss strategies and issue orders. Squad developers wanted to create a game where players can enjoy a sense of team spirit and also competitive multiplayer.

Squad is one of the MMO games that pit two teams of 50 players against each other on a battleground. Combatants will use not only their skills but also the environment and terrain. Battles are fought in a tactical manner. There are multiple factors that come into play to decide the outcome of a Squad match. Each player should know his role and work with the entire team towards victory. Base building is also important. This feature can be accessed only by those players who have a superior team rank like commander or leader. Defensive and offensive structures make a huge difference and can turn the odds of a match. There are also vehicles used to gain an advantage. Different types of aircrafts are available as well. Players can break the enemy defenses with a tank and use a helicopter for support. Vehicles are extremely useful when it comes to fast transportation. Squad maps usually cover between one and two square kilometers but there are also larger ones so logistics play a crucial part.

Squad is created with Unreal Engine 4. Most of the development team was part of the now canceled Project Reality so Squad is a regarded as a spiritual successor. The game has realistic graphics with character gear and equipment just like the ones real soldiers are using. Some customization elements like weapon skins give players a way to make their soldiers unique. Squad is a not a free MMOFPS. Players must pay a one time fee to gain access. Those who are interested in giving Squad a try can find it on Steam.

By Rachel Rosen

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